Stephen Colbert Interviews Run the Jewels’ Killer Mike

Other than being an incredible rapper, one-half of Run the Jewels, a social activist, a barbershop owner, a Bernie Sanders enthusiast, and a father, Atlanta native Michael Render (aka Killer Mike) has made a name for himself as one of the most important voices in both music and American culture today. During his appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Mike had a fun banter with the late night host, discussing a variety of topics that included sweatsuit attire, the origin of his stage name, and racism in America. “If white people are just now discovering that it’s bad for blacks or working class people, they’re a lot more ignorant than I thought,” Render ruminates. The issue of systemic oppression over African-Americans and other minorities in America has been a hot button topic for a while, as Render points out, but there are many opportunities for young people to go out and educate others on such issues. “What you are gonna get out of that experience,” Render explains, “is…that it grows you as a human being to have empathy and apathy for someone who doesn’t look like you and is culturally not from your background.” (Render later corrected the statement on Instagram, saying that he meant to say “empathy and sympathy.”) Watch the interview below.


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