The Return of LCD Soundsystem and the 2016 Coachella Lineup

lcdsoundsystemNow, THIS is how you start the new year. After what seemed like their final concert ever, beloved electronic group LCD Soundsystem have reunited not only to headline Coachella in April, but also to go on a world tour and release a new album (!). Like many fans such as myself, this comes as both a shock and a joy. The band’s leader James Murphy addressed a note on LCD Soundsystem’s website, explaining his journey after that fateful 2011 show at Madison Square Garden and the next steps towards coming back together. If you don’t listen to LCD Soundsystem, this is still pretty frickin’ cool. I mean, they made a DOCUMENTARY about their break-up and final show together and NOW they’re coming back together. As Kenan Thompson would say on “SNL”‘s Weekend Update as French rapper Jean K. Jean, “In-crey-aab-lay!”

In addition to the exciting news of LCD Soundsystem’s return, the Coachella lineup looks stacked with awesome artists: Ice Cube, Disclosure, Grimes, Beach House, Purity Ring, Guns ‘n’ Roses (who have also reunited after an eight-year dormancy), Sufjan Stevens, Run the Jewels, Death Grips, Shamir, Kamasi Washington, Calvin Harris, and more. Too bad I will be unable to go, as it takes place during my finals! But still, pretty awesome to look at and much better than last year’s disappointment of a lineup.  


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