Earworm: James Blake’s “Radio Silence” and Jai Paul’s “Vibin'” and “Zion Wolf”

James Blake’s “Radio Silence”:

Browsing through my YouTube feed as usual, I spotted a new song by British electronic crooner James Blake, the alleged title track to his next album Radio Silence. What I got when I clicked on the video link was a beautiful 4-minute song that played like Blake’s classic ethereal trance-like sound, but even more refreshing. Definitely listen to it when: 1) you’re feeling like shit, 2) on a rainy/snowy day, 3) literally whenever because it’s great. Check it out below:

Jai Paul’s “Vibin'” and “Zion Wolf”:

Ok, so I know I’m pretty late in the game to like Jai Paul, the elusive ambient-pop artist whose 2013 mixtape Str8 Outta Mumbai garnered critical acclaim, even when it wasn’t confirmed as an official record. Nevertheless, I’ve been listening to his other mixtape, Everlasting, and some other tracks I found on Vimeo, including “Vibin'” and “Zion Wolf.” Paul’s style is mesmerizing: his vocals coo against glitchy synths and pounding drum loops. It’s doubtful Paul will appear again in this year’s music scene, but these two tracks are definitely worth a listen. Here are the links to the songs:


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