True – Solange

I guess Beyoncé isn’t the only talented one in the Knowles family. Her sister, indie dance artist Solange, is also a singer-songwriter, DJ, dancer, and actress, if anyone remembers the poorly-reviewed Johnson Family Vacation in 2004. Despite her setbacks, she brings her best efforts into her brand new, 7-song, red-album-covered EP True. She released a promotional single, “Losing You,” a few months that received a lot of recognition, for its 80s-pop feel, calypso beat, and Solange’s beautiful vocals, slightly echoing her famous sister, Beyoncé. The best part is that “Losing You” is featured as the first track off of True, getting off to a great start already. One could say that “Losing You” reverberates a similar taste in rhythm and breathy sounds to Sky Ferreria’s excellent track “Everything is Embarrassing.” After the first song comes a diverse set of unique tunes that evoke sensual, alluring beats (“Lovers in the Parking Lot”), Janet Jackson-esque pop ambience (“Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work,” “Don’t Let Me Down”), hip-hop/jazz influenced thumps (“Locked in Closets,” “Looks Good With Trouble”), and that type of music that echoes a 70s R&B nostalgia (“Bad Girls”). Overall, Solange does a superb job of revitalizing her music career, since her 2003 debut Soul Star and 2008 follow-up Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, which topped the charts, but received little critical recognition.

We have a lot to look forward to in Solange’s career because her potential exceeds far more than what most people expect of an unkown singer, especially from an EP like True: her brilliant yet simple artwork, the mysterious ambiguity of her album’s title, and her surprisingly entertaining 7-song set. Solange’s influential use of funk-inspired jazz, R&B, soul, and indie pop is well-put together and overall makes her into a naturally distinct music artist.

Grade: B+
Recommended: Yes
Suggested Tracks: “Losing You,” “Lovers in the Parking Lot,” “Locked in Closets”


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