Well, Bond has done it again. Daniel Craig has returned once more for the 23rd Bond film out of the franchise in Skyfall. Last time we saw James Bond was in 2008’s disappointing Quantum of Solace. But James Bond has got the classiness and action this time around. Providing breathtaking action-packed sequences, a strong and smart script, elegant scenery, striking imagery, immaculate acting, and intriguing new characters, Skyfall has been by far possibly one of the best out of the entire 50-year franchise. Director Sam Mendes, who also did acclaimed films, such as American Beauty, Jarhead, and Away We Go, demonstrates excellent and superb cinematography, as well as direction (of course). Composer Thomas Newman also establishes an alluring, Bond-classic score that proves to be so fit for Skyfall at the right moments. Even in the beginning, with the always so-faithful James Bond film intro, we hear Adele’s beautiful ballad of the theme to Skyfall (although “Supremacy” by Muse would have been a good choice too). Also in Skyfall, we see James Bond in his rarest and most vulnerable form, emotionally and psychologically, providing high-class acting from Daniel Craig. Skyfall tells another action-packed story about James Bond’s pursuit against deranged ex-MI6 madman Raoul Silvia (Javier Bardem), who plans on murdering Bond’s (and his ex-) commanding officer M (Judi Dench). Set across fantastic and beautiful locations, such as Istanbul, Shanghai, and England, Skyfall has also proved to be more culturally diverse. Javier Bardem plays the villain’s part perfectly, but he may come off as too disturbing for some. Judi Dench also plays a more emotionally satisfying part as her character, portraying a perfect match with Daniel Craig. Skyfall also stars Ralph Fiennes (“Coriolanus” “Harry Potter franchise”) and Albert Finney (“Big Fish” “Erin Brockovich). Skyfall has been a major step-up since Quantum of Solace and even 2006’s Casino Royale, and, like always, there’s definitely more to anticipate for in the next Bond film. See the trailer here.

Grade: A
Recommended: Yes
Possible Oscar Nomination: Yes


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