Iconic EP – Icona Pop

Swedish duo Icona Pop possesses a lot of qualities that make them an “iconic pop” twosome: Their disco-like sound, catchy tracks, and fun, pop-star personalities contain to the right amount of charisma and allure for pop stars; their brilliant single from their debut EP Nights Like This in 2011, “Manners,” helped start their career, as well as hip hop duo Chiddy Bang’s, using “Manners” as a sample to one of their most heard songs; and Icona Pop’s recent summer smash, “I Love It,” featured acclaimed English singer Charli XCX, which helped them gradually gain more and more recognition, entering at #48 on the Swedish music charts and peaking at #2. Preparing for their 2013 official album release, Icona Pop determines (some of) their fate with The Iconic EP, a lovely 6-song compilation that include both acclaimed tracks “I Love It” and “Manners.” Lyrically, Icona Pop sings about empowerment, liberty, and leisure, expressing it boldly on “I Love It” (I threw your shit into a bag/I through it down the stairs/I crash my car into a bridge/I don’t care/I love it). The kind of sassy attitude Icona Pop obtains match the exact type of pop persona the music industry craves and utilizes for pop listeners. Each tune from The Iconic EP, both sweet and brief, signifies a stepping stone in Icona Pop’s career, as well as an opening into the disco-electro-pop genre. Songs, such as the club jam “Ready for the Weekend” and the appealing “Top Rated,” provide such stimulating and infatuating beats and general catchiness that belong with great pop club sensations, such as Madonna’s “Hung Up” and Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own.” The invigorating “Good for You” is another good example for Icona Pop’s pop-electronic vibe, but it doesn’t intrigue as much nor is as strong as “I Love It” or “Manners.” The last tune off The Iconic EP, “Sun Goes Down,” is somewhat engaging yet indifferent, as its catchy ambient keyboard riffs compare to that of indie electro-pop band Miami Horror, but its so-so feeling doesn’t indicate enough thrill as much as Icona Pop’s previous tracks do.
Although Icona Pop and their music may not come off as breathtaking or really culturally diverse, they use enough catchiness, energy, and spark to spice up the disco-pop world of music. Set aside their weaker songs for their outrageously superb songs and you’ll be looking forward to Icona Pop’s 2013 release coming soon.
Grade: B+
Recommended: Yes
Suggested Tracks: “I Love It,” “Ready for the Weekend,” “TopRated,” “Manners


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