Ghost – Sky Ferreria

Not many female pop stars today have had an effect on the music industry as brilliant songwriters, mainly just catchy beats and seductive personas. But newcomer Sky Ferreria is bound to combat more than just that. Before releasing her first ever EP Ghost, Sky’s musical entrance has had little effect, until one fateful day, her single “Everything is Embarrassing” was released. This song, although not an Internet sensation (yet), is already such an iconic dream pop tune that hopefully lasts a long time. Its hypnotic 80s-90s feel, dreamy echoes, and mind-numbing melody mark a perfect beginning for Sky Ferreria. Fortunately, “Everything is Embarrassing” is featured on Ghost, as the last track off the EP, saving the best for the last. But, first, and foremost, off the new album, is the melancholy folk-like tune “Sad Dream,” which first provides a listener that Sky Ferreria is somewhat dynamic, considering her “Everything is Embarrassing” being much different genre-wise. Even so, Sky’s lovely crooning voice beautifully accompanies “Sad Dream,” making it a smooth opener for Ghost. The next track is something totally different yet fascinating: “Lost in My Bedroom,” an electro-pop jingle that provides enough catchiness to become another great song off Sky Ferreria’s debut. Although it is an uneven transition from “Sad Dream,” “Lost in My Bedroom” makes up for it, evoking a powerful boldness and passion that matches up to Sky’s potential as an up-and-coming pop star. The title track, “Ghost,” is another slow-paced romantic ballad that can be of good use, but makes it hard to atone for, transitioning from “Lost in My Bedroom.” Again, Sky Ferreria makes another shaky shift into the next track, “Red Lips,” which provokes a kind of nostalgia of early 2000s pop, being that its mix of groovy pop and jamming rock. Finally, we get to the best track off Ghost, “Everything is Embarrassing,” which pretty much is an incredible ending to Ghost.
Even though Sky Ferreria grasps different genres and varieties of pop, rock, and folk, which makes Ghostslightly inconsistent, her dynamic sound and vibrant voice make up for it. Sky Ferreria still has a lot to work on, but there is definitely a bright future for her, even if it takes some time.
Grade: B
Recommended: Songs Individually
Suggested Tracks: “Lost In My Bedroom,” “Everything is Embarrassing,” “Red Lips”


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