Night Visions – Imagine Dragons

I first discovered Imagine Dragons after watching the movie trailer for the highly anticipated but sadly disappointing The Words starring Bradley Cooper, a few months ago. The song “Demons,” which is by far my favorite track off the album, was playing in the preview. I also discovered their other moderately popular song, “It’s Time,” from the Perks of Being a Wallflower trailer. Both songs are great individually, but in contrast with each other, you can tell Imagine Dragons has a dynamic and unusual sound. Night Visions starts out with the powerful rocker, “Radioactive,” in which I instantly saw Imagine Dragons as the indie alternative/rock/soft pop band it had been described as. Although “Radioactive” is an intriguing and dominant song off the album, the lyrics are a bit muddled (“Welcome to the new age/I’m radioactive/radioactive.”) The next few songs were all captivating, but again, only as individual songs. As a whole, the album compilation doesn’t really show where Imagine Dragons is going. Another great tune “Tiptoe,” is a similar song to “Radioactive,” but at a faster beat and more coherent lyrics; the aforementioned, catchy “It’s Time” and its opposite, dramatic tune, “Demons;” another soft-hearted melody “On Top of the World,” but with another incompatible rock jam, “Amsterdam.” The second half of the album, primarily, is about the same, with “Hear Me,” “Every Night,” and “Bleeding Out” playing in a steady correlation of similar resonance. “Underdog” is a unique, almost electronic-sounding jingle that stands out from the album, but also as the least compatible out of each song off the album. The 9-minute track “Nothing Left to Say” is fortunately the exact opposite of “Underdog,” being that it is not only the most compatible song, but also the strongest and grittiest on the album. After around the 6-minute mark, there’s silence – which seems to be an odd and unique trend in most songs nowadays (similar to Beach House’s 16-minute track “Irene”) – and then there’s a short but sweet hidden track “Rocks.” The album closer, “Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older)” is a nice song, but it is not a great conclusion to the album, nor does it demonstrate the type of music Imagine Dragons is going for.

Night Visions is messy, in both a good and bad way. The eccentric and eclectic sound of the album does have a grabbing intrigue, mixing rock with pop, electronic, and grunge. But at the same time, it has its faults. Each song, individually, would be great if only it would make better sense as to what Imagine Dragons wants to convey on the album. However, Imagine Dragons does a satisfactory job of keeping a listener entertained.
Grade: B
Recommended: Songs Individually
Suggested Tracks to Listen to: “Demons,” “It’s Time,” “Radioactive,” and “Tiptoe


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