Ben Affleck’s acting career has had its successful moments, as well as its failed moments. But fortunately, so far, his directing career is continuing to be on a very successful path. Following up his second critically-acclaimed film, The Town, in 2010, Ben Affleck achieves another great milestone with Argo. It provides a star-studded cast of old-school actors, which includes Ben Affleck himself, Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad,” “Drive”), John Goodman (“The Big Lebowski,” “Monster’s Inc.”), and Alan Arkin (“Little Miss Sunshine”). The story revolves around a CIA classified operation made in the early 1980s to help free six American hostages from the Canadian Embassy in Iran. A CIA agent (Ben Affleck) uses the idea of producing a “fake” movie, with the help of Hollywood producers (John Goodman and Alan Arkin) to use Iran as a location scout and have the six hostages pose as crew members in order to maneuver them out of the trouble country. Although, in reality, this has not been considered noteworthy in history, it is incredibly historically significant, as well as meticulously and informatively honest. The movie itself is bold, intense, exciting, gripping, and shows an abundance of conviction, from its writing, directing, and acting. It also issues a lot of wit and comic relief– especially with actor veteran Alan Arkin – as well lots of 80’s nostalgia. Argoshows a balance between international tension and international cooperation, given that it is a historical period drama. A lot of what Argo conveys is what we, in fact, still see today, as the Middle East conflict has erupted over time. Ben Affleck has an eye for showing his directing side, as well as his writing side – 1996’s Good Will Hunting earned him and Matt Damon an Oscar Best Original Screenplay nomination. Let’s just say, from watching Argo, Ben Affleck is definitely headed back to the Oscars, hopefully with more than one nomination. See the trailer here.

Recommended to See?: Yes
Possible Oscar Nomination?: Yes
Grade: A+


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